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Hello, What is the best practices to create an index on a table (T1(Col1,Col2,Col3,Val)):
– Create an index based on each key (or used in query)
create index I1 On Col1,Col2,Col3
– Create an index for each column used as join
create index I1 On Col1
create index I2 On Col2
create index I3 On Col3 What is the best creation rule to solve peformance issue. Rgds – How to Select Indexes to Add to Your SQL Server Tables Satya SKJ
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It is not advisable to create one index for more than one column because: If you are trying to issue a query on any one of the columns, the index
will not be used in that case. On the other hand, if you create separate indexes, then
you may be able to get a better performance. Also, you need to keep in mind that while selecting any column for creating an index, the general guidelines should be followed. (e.g columns frequently used in select or where clause).