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Indexing for Dummies???

Hi Everyone, We have a production Database which is growing ( a good sign) but my knowledge of indexes to speed up queries and Stored procedures is quite limited (a bad sign). Does anyone know of any good sites or books that discuss the indexing in non DBA speak? It would be muchly appreciated for any links to be posted. Regards Mark
The simple fact of life is that Indexes aren’t a cure all. They work wonders when they are used correctly, they turn into nightmares if they aren’t. Every index you add needs to be maintained. Every time you drop and recreate an index (or use Reindex), table locks kick in which almost always means downtime. Our good friends on the SQL Server development team gave us a gift, DBCC IndexDefrag! What’s the difference between IndexDefrag and Reindex? Well, a lot. At the risk of oversimplifying the difference, allow me to sum it up in two words TABLE LOCKS. IndexDefrag allows you to reorgainze your indexes so that you can take advantage of sequential access, without locking everything down and pissing everyone off. If you seach for DBCC IndexDefrag & DBCC DBREINDEX in BOL. for more information on selecting indexes. Satya SKJ
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Here are a couple other good links for indexing information:…TimeframeID=-1&As1:AdvSrc:SearchFilter=  Go   MeanOldDBA
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