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Input parametr & Hovering

Hello, I would appreciate if some one could answer the following questions 1. Report Parameter: I have a report which has an input parameter. This parameter is a query driven. When users run the report it lists all the options for the parameter from which user can pick one. But, if the desired option is not in that list user cannot enter or override that desired value, meaning user cannot type in his choice in the parameter drop down box/ Is there any other way to do this or is this not possible at all? 2. Hovering in report: I have a field which is one of the outputs of report. If the mouse is hovered over that field I would want to display a comment/ message box on the report. Is this possible? if yes how Thanks
1. If the parameter is query driven, you can bind the dataset to the parameter and set the parameter to be a dropdown listbox instead of textbox..this will only allow users to select a valid input to display the report. 2. The field’s properties has one property called Tooltip. You can try that property to display comments/message on the report
smy, Parameters is already displayed as a drop down box (this is because the dataset for parameter returns more than one value). But the probelms is 1. Lets sat the data set for parameter returns A, B, C, F as options. Ideally user would see a dropdown with these values and the user will pick one. But lets say user would want the parameter to be D he cannot select this as it will not be listed in the drop down. Now the user should be able to type it in the drop down box and run the report.
How would we do this? 2. Tooltip will display the values for the entire column at the same time. But what I want is if the user hovers the mouse on a particular column then it should display the message box/ value for that particular column and row only(instead of the entire column) Any thoughts?
1. If user is going to type in D that is not in the list, and you are using this output parameter at the sql query side as a condition..won’t this become no record for the selection? Your report will be blank.. (just my point of view, but correct me if i am wrong) 2. Select only the field that you want to add in tooltip and add in that property instead of selecting the whole column of the table.
Smy, 1. Here is the scenario. There are 1000 user names in a table. Out of those only 5 very very frequently run the report. So, using a query (dataset) i will populate the parameter field with those 5 user names. But some of the other users might want to run the report. hey will not be listed in the dropdown but they should be able to type in their name as the parameter 2. Here is the scneaario for the hover. Lets say there are 3 fields which needs to be completed to mark a request as complete. I have the completed(yes/no) field on the report. I want to be able to use the hovering functionality, If the completed field is NO then when mouse is hovered over that field it should display the message(all field names that are not filled yet). when the mouse is taken off that field the message should go away. I do not think Tooltip will accomplish this. Are there any other ways to do this?
1. In that case, I suggest you to use an application to allow user to do that..e.g a combo box for selection or enter their desired value. reporting services can’t do that at the moment. Use a web application etc and then after the users had made a selection/enter a desired value, what you can do is send the value to the URL of the reporting service’s report. Also, at the application side, it is easier for you to do validation etc. 2. Tooltip can cater for your need. Add in this line on the tooltip expression and it worked wonderfully:
=iif(Fields!approval.Value = "Yes", "Approved!", "all field names that are not filled yet")
Thanks SMY, Tooltips option worked and that is exactly what I wanted. Now how can we change the font and color of the tooltip. Raj
Sorry..but I don’t think SQL reporting services has this kind of properties for tooltip text.