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installing cluster service without SAN

I gusess I posted a confused matter in my last post,so I didnt get any response.Here is a bit modified post
Is it possible to have a cluster setup on 2 nodes without a seperate SAN or a seperate shared disk array .Say I have 2 dell servers each with 2 hard disk(18+73)
I have installed win2003 on these machine,congig the DNS ,installed Active Directory and Now in a process of installing cluster service,but I m wondering will this 2 node cluster really work as I dont have a SAN or seperate disk array.Please suggest
Yes I got something the "Majority Node sets" aka Quoorum of Nodes. Now following this article I have installed MSCS on one node.Now I want to install the MSCS on 2nd node but every time I try to install I am getting one error."multinode cluster cannote be created because quorum resource doesnot support adding nodes to the cluster".
I have already created a new majority node resource named MyQuorum
You need a shared resource area. Where is this currently?
You need a shared storage area. The link you post about "majority node" is only relevant for the quorum disk where a new option exist in windows 2003 to use local disks for quorum on multiple nodes. If you just want to make a test install of a cluster on a single node you can use the -localquorum parameter:;en-us;245626
I donot have a seperate SAN I have 2 dell servers each with 2 hard disk(18+73)
Can I do some thing to make these disk share each others disk

I have made one partition of disk 1 on serv 1 as shareable and assign the full permission for all the servers connected by common DNS
You can’t install a cluster on file shares. You need a shared storage that both servers are connected to.
I have created the majority node set..successfully installed the MSCS on both nodes.Now I need to see the quroum logs .How can I read the logs
Moreover Now i want to test the cluster if I stop MSCS on one node or shut down one node ; does the quorum will reflect these changes…so that I can find the reason for failover
Got a link for "Multi-Node Cluster Without a Common Shared Disk"

This link has just a single para …but good enough to boost confidence to proceed further <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />
Majority Node Sets are used when implenting Geographically Diverse Clusters, well known throughout the community as a bad idea – at least I’ve never met anyone who approves of them. Is this a set up to play with, or are you looking at a production system? Either way, you’re setting yourself up for a headache.
Yes this is for Geographically Diverse condition (abt 200 miles).Right now we are just in testing phase ..deployment will be done once the entire setup work with 100% accuracy
..can you please tell me the disadvantages of majority node cluster.
Also if you could provide me some good links of reviews…experiences using majority node clustering…it will be good for making quick decision
The point of clustering is to provide high availability and basically geo-diverse clustering introduces more factors for outages, rather than reducing them. For example, network guys get antsy about the pulse between the two, any unexpected latency and your clusters start failing over. Try googling for opinions.
Check out this guys comments about MS and Unisys: There may be an MS approved wy of doing things, though that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.
Have you involved your networking team? Have they made you aware of the latency on the links between the sites.