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Issue connecting to remote server via ActiveX task

I am trying to cycle through all files from a folder on a remote server using an ActiveX Task with SQL Server 2000 DTS. It works when I use local files, but when I try to access remote files it bombs. My global variable "ImportFolder" is "\serverfolder" and here is my script: Option Explicit Function Main() ‘ Declare FSO Related Variables
Dim sFolder
Dim fso
Dim fsoFolder
Dim fsoFile
Dim sFileName
‘ Import Folder
sFolder = DTSGlobalVariables("ImportFolder") Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set fsoFolder = fso.GetFolder(sFolder) … End Function
It fails on the fso.GetFolder() line with:
Error Code: 0
Error Source=Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Error Description: Path not found Any clues? Thanks!
The SQL agent account needs to be a domain account that has access to a share on that server.