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job executes, package step doesn’t

I have a job which executes a driver package, which sequentially executes 10 packages to load our daily tables into history tables. I modified the 7th and 8th packages to add extra columns and saved them as pkg7_new & pkg8_new. I saved the original packages as pkg7_old & pkg8_old, deleted the original packages and saved the _new ones with the original names. Those packages worked just fine when I executed them individually but they failed when the job next ran. The problem was that the job was looking for the original package identifier associated with the pkg7 & pkg8 names but I’d deleted those versions. So I went into the driver package and refreshed pkg7 & pkg8 within it. Voila – the job did not fail the following day. But … pkg7 & pkg8 are not loading the daily data!? When I go into the driver package and manually execute pkg7 & pkg8, I get the msgbox, ‘task waiting completion … switch to or cancel’. When I pick switch to, the package successfully executes and does load the data. Does anyone know what the problem is? Since the driver package executes at 5:45 AM and pkg7 & pkg8 impact subsequent jobs, manual intervention is not an option. Den

Have you specfied the workflow options in the case of troubled packages? Satya SKJ
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