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Job Schedule VS Query Analyzer

Hai all, Good afternoon,i am a newbie in SQL server, now i am currently working with job scheduling and i encounter with the performance problem badly which 1. i have a 2 hours coding to run daily (in Query Analyzer), but when i run it through the job schedule it seems like never end eventhough up to five hours, i wondering why this is happening, and FYI i have put in the phrase like ‘SET NOCOUNT ON’ but it seems workless. well this is very urgent issue which i have no way to wait for this query to run off 5++ hours daily.. thanx in advance. Regards,
How did you do the Job scheduling?
Also post some description about ur job, what kind of job is it.
Run SP_WHO2 and see what kind of code/process it is running. IF the code involves the network operations such as file copy, then ensure the SQLagent account has required privileges to perform such actions without any delay. Refer to the SQLagent log, DTs package log, event viewer log for further information on this job, also consider using PROFILER during this scheduled job to see the under carpet events for further assessment. HTH Satya SKJ
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