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Joining in SQL Server

Hi I would like to know all the details of joining, better to say basic concepts
of joining with example. so kindly help me. Thanks
Nishant Nishant Kumar
Hi Nishant, Basically three types of joins: INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN & CROSS JOIN
Please have a look into BOL for more information with examples.

I wouldn’t call CROSS JOIN a basic type. Along with FULL JOIN, it is a special type, for very specific uses. The INNER JOIN and LEFT JOIN types probably make up 99% of all joined queries. The RIGHT JOIN type is for when you want to list tables in a particular order, but I’ve never heard about a RIGHT JOIN that you could not rewrite as a LEFT JOIN.
quote:Originally posted by Adriaan I wouldn’t call CROSS JOIN a basic type.
CROSS JOIN and in SQL Server 2005 CROSS APLLY are considered as join types. BTW, these article series in Crig’s blog tells you eerything you wanted to know about JOINs. Roji. P. Thomas

Correct, but my point was that it’s not a BASIC type of join that you would use regularly.