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Last file loaded:first_file_000000000000.trn

Hi, In log shipping,I check the Log Shipping Pair Properties, the "Last backup file" and "Last file copied" are fine, but the "Last file loaded" is first_file_000000000000.trn, seems something wrong with the log shipping configuration. The destination database is set read only in the mean time. All MSSQL and SQLServerAgent service use the same domain account to start. But Primary Server and Secondary Server are on two different domains running Windows 2003 and NT4 sp4 respectively. They are set to two way trusted. Would someone kindly give me some hints? Thanks! Jason

Firtly right click the entry in EM Log Shipping monitor and look at the history. It will hopefully give you some hints. "first_file_000000000000.trn" means it hasn’t loaded any logs. It’s probably to do with the backup location. In the maintenance plan check where the primary server is backing up to. Then make sure that the standby server can see this location using a UNC path.