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Licensing and server config

HI I would like to know the licenses required for Win2k advanced server and for SQL server 2000 enterprise edition,if im going in for 1) a 2 node clustering environment(active/passive)
2) a Log shipping environment The environment is that IIS(400 websites) will be on a seperate m/c from SQL server(around 400 databases) I have read through the MS licensing programs and am really confused with it also i would like to know what kind of a server configuration will i need if im going to have 400 db’s on a sql server2000 assuming that the max db size(for each) will go to is 100MB RH
You need one win 2k adv server license for each server. If you are going for active/passive you only need to license the active node when it comes to SQL. For example if you are going to buy processor licences and you have 4 processors in each server you need to buy 4 and not 8 processor licenses. If the CPU’s support hyper threading you only need to license the actual physical processor. SP3a has full supporr for hyper threading. When it comes to server configuration it’s hard to say without knowing the activity in the databases (does any of them have heavy transactions etc?). In any case with 400 DBs I would probably try and get a lot of RAM in the server.
Thanks Would be make more sense to have 5 (2 node active/passive) clusters rather than dump say 3000 db’s into one cluster? Also what are the steps involoved in case databases are added/removed to a cluster config(for whatever reason).Will the cluster need to be re-clustered again?what happens to the data that is stored for these databases on the shared disk array..can those be cleaned out in case databases are removed? most places ive read steps are given for changing hardware or IP address,none are mentioned for the above scenario Thanks
You will not have to recluster. There is no true active/active cluster in SQL Server. There is: active/passive
passive/active. In this instance, you need to license both servers. Also if you use log shipping, you have to license the server you are shipping logs to.
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