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Linked server – Login failure

Hi All, We have a 4 node, 3 instance cluster. We have set up Linked Servers so that instances A & B can talk with each other. However, we find that Instance B is able to access the tables in Instance A, IF AND ONLY IF both the instances are in the same node. If both the instances are in different nodes, we get the following error (when we click on the Linked Server icon in the Enterprise Manager): Error 18452: Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. We are using Windows authentication. Can you please help. Thanks in advance.
Seems to be an issue with your linked server configuration. Tried mapping it to a sql account instead of a windows account? If you use impersonate or some other option you might be using a local account that doesn’t have remote access.
Is this on windows 2003? if so, then delegation is not enabled by default…? Cheers
Hi, Thanks for your responce. By creating named pipes it is worked. If I do not want to use Named Pipes, how can I make it work. Is it possible to do? Shetty

If you’re using TCP/IP then you must open the defined port to communicate between those 2 servers. By default named-pipes are disabled in Win2k3. Satya SKJ
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