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Linked Servers and automatic updates

Greetings experts: We have 2 databases running same server. Let’s call them database1 and database2. A job was scheduled to extract data from database1 into database2 3 times a day. This works fine. Now, we have been asked to set up another job that will extract data, this time, from database2 into MS Access database. I decided that setting up a linked server will be the easiest way to go about this. I have set this up succeessfully. We still want data extracted from database1 to database2 3 times daily, just like it is right now. My questions, once data is extracted from database1 to database2, does that automatically update the linkedserver? Thanks a lot in advance.
what I feel is ‘yes’…linked server will give you the updated data. It should be same as using database2 on ms Access server.
WHy don’t you use DTS rather than Linked Server? Satya SKJ
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