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Hi there
I am trying to load a text file into sql table through DTS. I am assigning this DTS task to a button on the application such that when a user clicks on the button the file starts loading into the table. I have a doubt, if multiple users click the button at the same time for the same file how does it work on DTS? Thanks!
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Most likely the DTS execution caused by the second click would be blocked while the first is executing. Then once the first has finished the second would start. Depends on transactional level to some degree
One of the tips section in this website refers:
Sometimes you need to perform a mass INSERT or UPDATE of thousands, if not millions of rows. Depending on what your are doing, this could take some time. Unfortunately, performing such an operation could cause locking problems for your other users. If you know users could be affected by your long-running operation, consider breaking up the job into smaller batches, perhaps even with a WAITFOR statement, in order to allow others to "sneak" in and get some of their work done. Satya SKJ
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