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local user for cluster

Hi all
I have SQL server instance running on clustered servers( node1 & node2) I have to create a local user (node1user) to use the database, I want to know when failed over how to solve it without changing to node2user????????? Thanks a millon!
Hi ya, I think that your only options are:
– use a domain account
– use a sql account you can’t fail-over a local user to another machine, nor can you have the same SID on both cheers
I have to use local users that application maual says. I have a virtual name, can it be created like virtualnodeuser?
Ignore the instructions. First create the account as a domain account, and then add this account to the appropriate local groups on the servers in the node, and then use this domain account as the SQL Server account. It should work. If not, return your software, as it is poorly coded. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
no, it’s actually a DMZ web server needs that local users, it doesn’t belong to domain thanks
So it’s the web service on another server that runs under a local user account and needs access to the sql server with windows authentication? Or how is your setup? If it’s like above and you have no domain that can issue account delegation you need to create a local user on the webserver and the sql server nodes that have the exact same name and password. To get it to work with a cluster first add the local users on node1 as node1myuser, then failover and add node2myuser. Then in the connectionstrings you specify "Trusted_Connection=Yes" instead of username and password. Now the web service can access the cluster with this account. You need to set rights on both accounts in sql server for it to work after a failover as well.