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lock in the select statement

Hi all, I am using sql server 2000. i have a method in java which is used to retrieve the error_key,error_parent_key value from the database.
i have stored 0 as the parent key value for an error key..
someof the error key are having nested parent keys. if parent key have nested parent key then i will call the same method again to retrieve the parent key. so like wise i will call my method recursively. after few hours, when i accessed the method continouosly, select query is keep on running. why is there any lock in sql server? can u please help me… Thanks
See if this approach helps you
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Locks are necessary for any multi-user RDBMS. They need to be there. If you experience serious locking and blocking problems, I would read the locking tips here on the site and check your code accordingly. —
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