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log not truncated in primary database

Hi,<br />i have established logshipping month ago and it works fine. But somtimes i realize, that the logsegment on the primary Database are not truncated. It grows and grows and reached somtimes a size where i think " now you must stop it ". But then it is truncated and it is good for more than a week.<br />Is there any reason that can explain this behaviour ? And is there a possible way to do anything against it?<br />There are no error in the SQL-Server log and also no errors in the logshipping log.<br />Systems<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-7.gif’ alt=’:S’ />QL-Server 2000 Enterprise<br /><br />Thank you for any Help!<br />and sorry for my bad english
If the log is not truncated means there are uncommitted transactions exists.
Have you enabled replication, and try to monitor the events. _________
Satya SKJ