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Log-shipping copy failed – will it try again?

I have been running log-shipping for some months on a fairly large database (150 GB). I ship logs once per hour with an hour delay on the restore. About once every couple of weeks, I get an error on a log copy that says it can’t get access to the file because another process has it. It seems to happen around the time I am running maintenance on the DB (index rebuilds and such). In the past, when I had log-shipping problems, the log-shipping monitor would show out of sync. However, with these errors, I get the e-mail that tells me about the problem (generally early Sunday morning) but on Monday, the monitor shows in sync. Because of this, I haven’t been too concerned. But today, I’m having an extra dose of paranoia so I thought I’d ask. Does log-shipping retry if a copy/restore fails? Can I easily confirm this from the log shipping history? If the answer to my first question is no, can I make it retry and why doesn’t my monitor show out of sync? Thanks for any advice/information you many have.
When the restore process is failed on the secondary server, the next set of Tlogs will also fail and SQL will not attempt a retry of failed backup log. Try to differentiate the maintenance jobs rather than running all at once.
In order to confirm the log shipping restore you should check contents from the log shipping monitor and SQL error logs. Satya SKJ
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