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Log Shipping copy job failed

Hi all, I have configured log shipping with multiple domains. Primary Server and Monitor Server in one domain and Secondary Server in another domain. Both initializing database and transaction log backup at regular intervals are working fine. But Copy job in Secondary Server is not working. Also, job history always shows as job step succeeded eventhough log backups are not copied to Secondary Server. If i manually copy log backups to secondary server, restore job works fine. It also updates Monitor Server correctly. Network share for log backups in Primary Server has been granted appropriate rights to domain account used for sql server & sql agent services running in Secondary Server.In fact this account has sys admin role in Primary Server too. From Secondary Server, if i am able to access the Primary Server and copy log backups manually,
then why copy job is not working without reporting any error? Since it involves different domains, i am looking for ways to troubleshooting this problem from database community. Help me in this regard. Thanks in Anticipation.

First of all ensure there are no issues between DOMAINS trust relationship and ensure the SQL Service accounts on all SQL Servers should have required privileges. Monitoring the activity with PROFILER would help in this regard, KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;288577 to troubleshoot maintenance plans for reference. HTH Satya SKJ
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Few days back i was facing the same problem. I created logins in both domain having same password and name. Set this login as the owner of the copying job.
Hope this will solve problem.
It will be better if you can paste the job history of the copying job. Regards