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Log shipping error with first back-up

Hi, I have searched the articles on this forum, and tried some solutions listed, but I am still having problems with log shipping. I am receiving the error that the back-up is not occuring and still trying to load "first_file_000000000000.trn". This is what I have configured: 1. Both servers are located on the same domain, with SQL 2000 SP4 installed on both.
2. SQL service and SQL Agent are set to both logon using a domain account ("domainadministrator"), that has full permissions.
3. Full permissions are assigned on the network shares of both the primary and secondary servers. When setting up log shipping, I am creating the initialization file, and setting the database in standby mode, with terminating all users. While the log shipping runs, the files are being copied from the primary to the secondary. Both copy and restore in the log shipping monitor is reporting with out failure. The only problem is that I obtain the error listed above, which leads to an "out-of-sync" error. Any suggestions would be much appreciated… Sag
Also, I forgot to mention, that changes that are being made in the primary database ARE being updated on the secondary server. Since this is occurring, why would an error be generated? Sag
Any ideas???
For a moment stop the log shipping process, then apply full database backup from Primary to Secondary server and re-enable the Log shiping to check. Also check Event viewer log & SQLAgetn log for more information for this behaviour. Satya SKJ
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