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Log shipping for reporting

I have planned to go for log shipping to update my database with the production database. I thought of doing like.. 1)Full backup of production DB once and get the backup file to my server so that I Can restore it intially.
2)Trans Backup every 8 hrs and the get the trans backup file to restore on my server. I have to do everything only from my server, not given access to the production except that I may get bckup files when need. All this is just only for 1 DB to update the data for reporting.
I have to automate these jobs(pick up files from production and restore on my server) from my server.
DO i need to have linked server for this? Pls let me know how far this is possible and any thing else i have to do to accomplish. Thanks!
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One suggestion is why not run transaction log backup every hour or atleast once in 2 hours to keep up the log sizes that will turn down waiting time on standby server to complete the restore. Refer to your other post that I have pasted a link about LS by Brad. Satya SKJ
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one thing i came to know is the locations where i need to get backups are remote from us and we dont have any type networks as of now, can we do this only through VPN, how can i accomplish this job through an FTP site. Thanks!
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