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Log shipping hangs on setup.

Hi all, I am trying to set up log shipping bewteen 2 SQL 2000 SP3a servers. The maintenance plan wizard does the backup of the primary server database but then hangs after that. I get the ‘Application not responding error’ in task manager. I am using the same domain account (a trust has been set up between the 2 domains) with local admin on both servers to run all services. I have done a transfer logins job using the same login account, and needless to say I can’t find anything on the Microsoft site. Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Vic
Try to reconfigure the log shipping from scratch again and individual plan for each database.
Check SQLAgent error log for more information on the job failure and all the logs from event viewer & sql server. Satya SKJ
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Many thanks, I have just discovered the trust between the 2 domains was only a 1 way trust so problem sorted out. Vic