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log shipping issue

Hello all, I have sucessfully configured running LS before on many occasions. win2k adv, sp3a Recently, we have some changes and i have got a new domain account to run sql services. I have many instances of SQL, some running under old account, some under new. The old account has local admin privs, and the new account has domain admin privs. When I try to do LS, the initial snapshot gets created in the standby. But, the subsequent copy of tlogs to standby is not happening. logs are created in primary. This is kind of strange. In LS monitor, the first file to be copied is xxx_0000000000.trn. But the first log was with a specific time xxx_200505241030.trn After the first 45 minutes, the alerts went off. So, I tried updating the msdb logshipping tables in the secondary, to induce to pick up the next file to be copied and restored. It doesnt happen. When I manually copy the files to destination, and kick off the restore job, it runs fine. Can someone shed some light on what is happening ? The copy job history is not much helpful. sqlmaint.exe failed blah..blah..blah Thanks much for your help.
Check whether any network issues between the servers that might contributing copy failure of log file. Ensure the SQLAGent has required privileges on both the servers. Satya SKJ
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Thanks. I figured it out. I specified the primary network share name wrongly. (getting old … cant help) bj