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Log Shipping Restore Fails

I had log shipping running for a couple days secussfully. It runs every 5 minutes. Between 9pm and about 11pm, we update the DB with significant amounts of data. The TL copy process (east coast to west coast) is large enough to cause my data sync errors to go off. Most nights, the TL finally gets to the west coast and then they are restored without problem. This is completed usually by 2am. Last night, we rebooted the standby server to patch it. This morning, the restore jobs are in error and we have found that the restores have not been secussful since the reboot. The error in the SQL error logs is:
Database ‘PROD’ (database ID 7) was marked for standby or read-only use, but has been modified. The RESTORE LOG statement cannot be performed.. The PROD database is in read only mode and has a status of 2098176 in sysdatabases. I originally setup shipping for standby mode, so I would expect the DB to be in read only when updates are not happening, but I don’t know that the status is correct now. I can certainly just setup log shipping again, but I would prefer to figure out what happen first. Any ideas?
What kind of patch you’ve applied to the standby server? Satya SKJ
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Woops. Forgot to check back on this. I ended up opening a case with Microsoft on this. It was determined that for some reason, when SQL started up, it recovered my database. They were not sure why, but offered to run profiler to see if it happens again. Not really something I was interested in. We resetup log shipping and all has been well…
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