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log shipping set up ok, what next?

[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br /><br />I’ve my log shipping set up ok and runnig. I checked the sql server log :"Bypassing recovery for database ‘Jbase’ because it is marked IN LOAD.", I’m not sure if the log shipping is absolutely right, but at least no more error message shows up.<br />But,what’s the next step to restore data?[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-3.gif’ alt=’:eek:‘ />)]<br />Thanks.<br /><br />Jason
In EM under Management|Log Shipping Monitor (on the monitoring server you specified in the wizard) you can see if your log shipping is actively working – and what the load deltas are. It’s worth setting up alerts here is case it ever breaks. The next step is something you probably never want to happen! A failover. MS provide 3 procs: sp_change_primary_role
sp_change_monitor_role You can read up on these in BOL. But basically they swap over the roles of the active and standby servers. Make sure no users are connected to either DB when you run them because the error handling in teh MS procs is really poor and always throws a generic error back. If you ever just want to break your log shipping and recover the standby version to a "useable" database then just run: RESTORE DATABASE MyDBName WITH RECOVERY This will bring it out of warm standby without doing anything to the original primary server. This is handy in DR cases where the original primary server is offline.

Thanks for help!
Now that the destination database is restored, given the Primary server is offline. If the Primary server is restart and I set the destination database to read only will the log shipping reestablish by itself? If I have to reconfig the log shipping, isn’t this too unconvinient? In the beginnig when I trid the log shipping things, I was actually planning to automatically sync 2 database in certain time period, e.g., every 15 minutes, such as when there’s a change in DatabaseA then the change will reflect to DatabaseB in a different server. Am I missing something at this point regarding to Log Shipping? Jason
If the secondary server’s database is in read=only mode then the log shipping willnot work being the Transaction log has not applied and you will get the log restore error. In general the secondary server databases will be kept under STANDBY mode where it can be used as a read-only database for MIS purposes. Satya SKJ
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