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Log Shipping Setup Verification

I have tried to do my homework on this before asking a question. I need to set up a warm failover environment and I feel that replication is the easiest and most reliable way to do it. Due to cost constraints, we have only SQL Server Std. Edition, hence, I want to use the log-shipping method as outlined in the "How to Perform SQL Server Log Shipping" article on this website. It outlines that the primary system is to be used for the transactions and the standby system is read-only (as all of the transactions that interact with it are originating at the primary system). My question is that once the switchover has been intiated and the standby system goes live, I want to confirm that the standby system will then be able to accept inserts/updates/deletes from the applciations. In addition, to keep it simple, to switch back to the primary system, I shall then just do an offline backup of the secondary system and restore it to the primary system. Hence, they will be synchronized again. Finally, I would need to re-point my applications to the primary server and re-activate all of the log-shipping utilities. Does this all make sense? Thanks in advance.
Yes, make sure to apply upto the time backup to the primary server so that when you switch back it will take up the updations. Again to work LS you should apply the full backup on secondary server. _________
Satya SKJ

Keep in mind that the name of the new server will be different that the old server. This means that any applications that point to the SQL Server will have to be repointed. Once you do that, you can test to see how the application works. ——————
Brad M. McGehee