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logshipping ( out of synchronization problem)

hi everyone……….i am new to this group…….. i have some problem with logshipping
i create two instances of sql server 2000 on my system.
i tried logshipping the content from one instance(default) to other instance using database maintenance plan wiozard.
i put logshipping interval as 15 min
and put the threshold ( delay interval ) as 25 min
then i stopped the server for 30 min
then after restarting the server it is displaying that the two instances are out of synchronization…. pls give the solution to this problem as early as possible. krishna chaitanya sanka
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Start here:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314515/EN-US/
Hi Mulhall i didnt find the answer for this question …please help me make out the answer from this link… Regards
I believe you are deliberatley breaking log shipping to figure out how to fix it, yes/no? No:
"Q1: How can I stop log shipping for a particular log shipping pair? A1: Follow these steps to remove a log shipping pair:
1.Open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager on the primary server. Expand Management, and then click Maintenance Plan. Right-click the Maintenance Plan, and then click Properties.
2.Click the Log Shipping tab, and then click to select the log shipping pair that you want to remove.
3.Click the Delete command button to remove this pair from log shipping. If this is the last pair in log shipping, clicking Delete removes log shipping. If you want to continue log shipping to a different server or to a database, click Add. Then, click to select the appropriate server or database to act as the secondary server before you remove the existing log shipping secondary." Yes:
"Q3: Where can I find information about errors while performing back up, copy or restore operations? A3: To get more information about a particular log shipping pair, follow these steps:
1.Open SQL Server Enterprise Manager, and then connect to the monitor server.
2.Under Management, click Log Shipping Monitor. In the right window pane, all the log shipping pairs are displayed (that have been configured with this server as the monitor server). If the log shipping pair is not visible, right-click the Log Shipping Monitor (under Management), and then click Refresh.
3.Right-click the log shipping pair that you want information about, and then click View Backup History to view the back up job history.
4.Right-click the log shipping pair, and then click View Copy/Restore History to view the history for copy and restore jobs.
5.Right-click the log shipping pair, and then click Properties to view the current log shipping status, Source, and Destination alert status."
What was the error when the server was restarted?
The log restore fails if there is a mismatch of LSN between primary and secondary. Satya SKJ
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thanx for all ur suggestions the problem that i found is the tables in the monitor server (log_shipping_primaries and log_shipping_secondaries) are not updated
due to connectivity problem between the primary and monitor server. now the problem is solved…….thanx once again to all krishna chaitanya sanka