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logshipping using 2 developer edition

can i try logshipping testing on 2 sql 2000 developer editions machine.
one is the primary and another one as standby and monitor.If i try this
i am getting the error The log shipping source (local).logshipping has not backed up for 8888 minutes.. i can see all the jobs are running fine,sql server agent is running with proper permission
but acually no lock back up happening at the specified share path.
so my prime question is
is logshipping possible between 2 develper edition sql2000 server.
If so is there anyway i can eradicate my problem. regards
yes it is posible with two developer edition,i referred,but is there any constraint with respect to service pack,because when i run select @@version ,it shows the version is
8.00.194,which belongs to sql2000 with no service pack.Now my question is with 2 sql 2000 server with out service pack,can the log shipping happen?. regards
It can happen but it helps to have latest (similar) service pack on both the machines.
How about SQLagent account privileges? _________
Satya SKJ