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Maintaince Plan on publisher / subscriber performa

Hello, We have MS SQL Server 200 servers one as the Publisher and the other as a subscriber using Merge replication. I am about to setup via Database Maintaince plan tasks to optimize and check the integrity of the database on both servers. I was wondering if running these tasks would cause a problem on the database due to the fact they are replicating. Any assistance is greatly apprieciated.
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There will be NO conflict on replicated database after establishing integrity check.. Check database integrity Check the allocation and structural integrity of user and system tables, and indexes in the database, by running the DBCC CHECKDB Transact-SQL statement. This ensures that any integrity problems with the database are reported, thereby allowing them to be addressed later by a system administrator or database owner. For each table in the database, DBCC CHECKDB checks that: – Index and data pages are correctly linked.
Indexes are in their proper sort order.
Pointers are consistent.
The data on each page is reasonable.
Page offsets are reasonable. DBCC CHECKDB does not acquire table locks by default. Instead, it acquires schema locks that prevent meta data changes but allow changes to the data. The schema locks acquired will prevent the user from getting an exclusive table lock required to build a clustered index, drop any index, or truncate the table. For more informations, please read SQL books online and below referd weblink: – Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind

Here is your link Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
Thanks. I was concerned that as indexs etc will be dropped and re-created, that replication may be affected. but this is not the case. Apprieciate your help Thanks