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Managertool with queryproblem

Hi people, recently i’ve been working on a managertool which can get the data from a dbase. It must show for instance data of customers and what they ordered in a certain period. My dbase is a normal dbase like almost every webshop is built. So it has a customer, order, products, etc. tables. Well… i’ve been so far that i understand i have to work with innerjoins to combine all the tables (for instance for the clients and the date of the orders and what the products were) and to use subqueries. But then… i have two sql bibles but i fail to understand how to make this pretty hard query. My question for you all: how can i select all data from dbase which is devided in different tables and put a query on it? I hope you can help me out, i’ve been figuring out for almost a week now. Thanking you in advance.
Is this related to SQL Server? Satya SKJ
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