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MaxCmdsInTran & SubscriptionStreams

I have setting up a publisher in server A , and the distributor and subscriber in server B. my problem is: The distribution agent keeps remain on the same status ‘Delivering replicated transactions’. and the distribution database size get filling up. i guest there may be some transaction with a lot of command that fired in the publisher and cause the distribution agent got hang in the status ‘Delived replicated transactions’ for more than 10 hours , please correct me if i am wrong. I have read some article that suggest to reduce the MaxCmdsInTran AND increase the SubscriptionStreams , but i do not know where to find the parameters in SQL 2000, Can anyone give me some hint ? And also is there any other parameter or solution to avoid this situation happened again Thank you

You may be looking for this… Transactional Replication Performance Tuning and Optimization
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