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MDX Help request

Hi, I want to create a calculated member with the following logic: Depending on the selected level in my time dimension, this calculated member should give me the total sales of the past 6 months (using a field called NetSales). So if I am at the year level of say 2005
This calculated member should give the sales of June – Dec 2004 If I am on March 2005
This calculated member should give the sales of Sep 04 – Feb 05 I hope my explanation is clear. Will appreciate your help. Thanks
Yes it is clear, Joozh I thought by now these types of calculated members would be a piece of cake for you. SUM(LastPeriods (6, [Time].CurrentMember), [Measures].[NetSales]) Raulie

Hi Raulie, Thanks. Well to be honest I just am not able to get a grip on MDX and that’s why I am posting simple MDX questions. I guess I need to keep on playing with it till I starting getting a hang of it. Can I please request if you can give me some pointers regarding how and where to start with getting a decent handle on MDX. Please don’t say ‘BOL’ because I just do not find it of much help. Maybe I am the only one who feels like this about BOL? Once again, many many thanks. The solution works great……