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MDX Sample Application Error

Hi all, I’m a new user in Data Warehouse. I created my data warehouse database and cubes and could browser data in the cube. But when I tried the MDX Sample Application to run the script: SELECT [Batch].[Batch Number] ON COLUMNS,[Measures].[Line Total] ON ROWS FROM MyCube
, I got the error message as following: Unable to open cellset
Formula error – cannot bind:
the name: "[Batch].[Batch Number]" is unbindable in the current context. By the way, if I selected the FoodMart2000 as database, Sales as cube, I could get results. Did I miss something to create the cube? Many thanks if you have solutions on it, I will really appreciate it !! ym
quote:Originally posted by DWHNewUser
Did I miss something to create the cube?

You didn’t miss anything in your cube, you just forgot to enclose your set in Braces try this {[Batch].[Batch Number]}
Hi Raulie,
Thanks for your reply. I added the Braces and still got the error: Unable to open cellset
Formula error – cannot bind unknown dimension or member "[Batch].[Batch Number]" But I can browser the dimensions and members in the cube pane with MDX Sample Application. Thanks ym
Thats strange….it should work. Try this SELECT
{[Batch].[Batch Number]} ON COLUMNS,
{[Measures].[Line Total]} ON ROWS FROM MyCube Also make sure you got the latest service pak on AS and SQL.
I think the problem is that you’r enot actualling calling a set or member, you’re referencing a level. Try changing the mdx to something like SELECT
{[Batch].[Batch Number].Members} ON 0,
{[Measures].[Line Total]} ON 1
FROM [MyCube] You need to identify a member or set of members to return. Making the call to just the Batch Number level isn’t enough. Obviously you could call out a single member like {[Batch].[batch 12345]}. Hope this helps, Steve
HTH, Steve
Thanks a lot! It works! ym