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Memory error

I have a large report (around 1000 pages), it displays fine in the browser but when I try to export it errors out and I find the following error in the Event Viewer: Event Type:Error
Event Source:ASP.NET 1.1.4322.0
Event Category:None
Event ID:1001
Time:8:30:52 AM
aspnet_wp.exe (PID: 2496) was recycled because memory consumption exceeded the 613 MB (60 percent of available RAM).
This is a development server with 1GB of RAM. I next used Task Manager to see the memory usage and before the export it the ASP process was using a tame 3MB but as soon as I start the export it flies up the over 600MB in about a minutes and the process fails with the above error. Is this an issue with the garbage collection in .NET? Anybody else run into this or have any ideas of what can be done? I can just toss more memory at it, but I’m the only user right now. What happens when I move to production and have a few dozen users using?
This error is caused because there could be a long period of inactivity (user inactivity). You would gain if physical memory is increased to attain a good level of performance. In general can take help from PERFMON(SYSMON) to capture counters for H/w to assess the usage. Take help from this KBA;EN-US;295626 Satya SKJ
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