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Memory management

2 node mscs cluster with Windows Server 2003 EE.
First node host SQL Server EE and Domino Server.
Second node host Oracle 9i EE.
8GB RAM for each node. I need to make sure that when failover take place, one node is capable to
host everything. Is this configuration correct? In boot.ini we add /3GB and /PAE in each node.
Enable AWE for SQL Server and set MAX SERVER MEMORY to 4096 (no more because
Domino is on the same node and use more than 2GB of memory). Oracle use almost 2GB on the other node. Please advise.
Cheers. Franco
Sounds right. Be sure to limit the memory on the other applications you have as well and not only sql server so that none of them take all the available memory.
Thank you very much. Franco
I notice that PAE is automatically enable when you have Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition or Datacenter Edition and the server is using hot-add memory device, like our servers.
We, as said in my previous post,have included in boot.ini the /3GB parameter and enable AWE fo SQL Server 2K sp3a. We end up in having event id 2020 and I see that there is a hotfix: Is this hotfix released after Windows Server SP1? We decide for the moment to disable AWE and to delete /3GB parameter from Boot.ini.
Please advise. Merry Christmas
The hotfix is included in Service Pack 1. If PAE is enabled by default in enterprise edition I don’t think it matters if you have it or not in boot.ini. You still need AWE enabled for SQL to take use of the additional memory. Keep the /3GB if you need the extra RAM but remove it if you have memory related issues.