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Merge Replication: obsolete snapshot

Hi all, I had a replication problem on one of my SQL Servers. Replication failed continuously with a variety of timeout errors and these errors were followed by a single error: "The snapshot for this publication has become obsolete. The snapshot agent needs to be run again before the subscription can be synchronized." I ran the snapshot for the publication and when it completed, I started running the merge replication agent for the subscription. Since then, many of the data entries in the subscription database have reverted to an earlier state. E.g. invoices which had been paid are now set as an earlier “pending” status. The merge replication process is still transferring hundreds of thousands of rows to the subscription database and I would like to know the following: – When I ran the snapshot and then the merge agent, does replication automatically apply the snapshot and then apply all updated changes? (this could account for the amount of replication traffic) – Has the data on the subscription database been overwritten with data from the snapshot? – If data has been overwritten on the subscription database, will it then be updated with subsequent records from replication to bring it back to the most recent state?
If anyone could supply any ideas of what I can expect the end result of the replication to be, I’d really appreciate it. thanks,
Lesley Gilmour
Confirm the level of service pack on SQL Server. Satya SKJ
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Pls also check if the Server Agent Login Account is same for all the concerned Servers. It should be the member of Domain Administrative Group. Regards. Arindam Ganguly