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Merge Replication Performance

Hello, Here’s my situation: I have a 512MB merge replication database with about 20 anonymous subscribers (MSDE2000) working in remote locations and connecting via DSL and cable. The database has about 30 tables with anywhere from 2-20 columns and 5-100,000 rows in each table. This is running on a dual 1GHz Pentium III with 1GB RAM and RAID 1, SBS 2003. Initial synchronizations take anywhere from 20-45 minutes (over the internet) and subsequent synchronizations take from 1-10 minutes. The data transfer over the network connection isn’t that much – the snapshot is only 20MB or so and most of the time spent synchronizing is not spent transferring data. My development workstations are relatively fast – 5 min for initial sync and <1 min afterwards. Any ideas what’s taking so long on the other clients? Also, how can I gauge the performance of the SQL server, and, more specifically, the database? Thanks in advance for your help!
I also wanted to see what kind of performance gains might be had by upgrading to SQL 2005 and MSDE 2005. Any thoughts?
Following two artciels may help you —————————————-