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Merger Replication Error

We have a merge replication taking place for every 5 min in which the subscriber is populating the tables with 10 transactions/sec. We have 2 subscribers. It was failing with the error message, "the process could not deliver inserts at the publisher" (i got this message by including -output parameter in the merge agent job step)may be after 12 hrs. We modified the query time out parameter in the merge agent profile from 300 to 600. Also we defragmented the published tables ans subscriber tables. we again started the replication process at night 7.30. When we came the next day morning we again got the same error message. but it ran successfully for I think 8 hrs. Now it failed in 3 minutes with the same error. When we started replication as fresh, it ran for 4 days without any error at a transaction rate of 75 K/hr. Now even with 12K/hr it is failing. when I checked the agent history, it says that "remote procedure call failed and it cannot ! execute". can some one help me how to sort out this problem?? Thanks and regards,
Hi,<br /><br />Please Read <br />"remote servers, using remote stored procedures under" , "remote procedure call" and "remote procedures" BOl in order to short out your question.<br /><br />[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br />Regards<br /><br />Hemantgiri S. Goswami<br />[email protected]<br />"Humans don’t have Caliber to PASS TIME , Time it self Pass or Fail Humans" – by Hemantgiri Goswami<br />
Please confirm the service pack level on SQL servers.
THis causes if you insert a NULL value into a SQL_VARIANT data type column and you then invoke the merge process to synchronize the subscription with the publisher. Satya SKJ
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This is a bug in SQL server CE. Let us know SQL Server Edition and the Service pack level;en-us;328314 —————————————-
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