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Migration of Roles in Analysis Services

Is it possible to migrate roles created in the cube? In .CAB file for each role one .role_ file is created. By any means can we migrate role to other database which is copy of this db? Any help will be appreciated. Regards,
Praveen Patil.
I don’t know if you can do this – but why do you want to do it? Are there lots of them? Wouldn’t it be quicker and simpler to re-create them manually? Unless there are loads of them with hideously complicated permissions, I would bite the bullet and start clicking, as you can waste a lot of time trying to hack a solution and ultimately spend longer than you would originally have done by doing it manually.. As far as I know the roles are only automatically copied when an entire database is copied. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Hi Tom,
Thanks for your promt reply. I know roles are copied automatically when database is copied and creating new roles is quite easy. But we are in maintanance stage, so client has given us copy of olap database which contains lot of roles and due to this roles we are unable to test cubes. So we deleted there roles and created new ones. We have changed cubes added some calculated members and so on. Now this complicated changes can not be done by client. So we are giving .CAB file to client which will they restore. Now they wants there roles in it as there are about 50 roles they have already created and applied securirty for them. In this scenario can anything done? Any help will be appriciated. Thanks and Regards,
Praveen Patil
Hi Praveen, Did you find a solution? Kindly do share as I am in a similar situation and would appreciate if I canbenefit from your experience. Thanks.