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Moving Cube to Integration and to Production

If I need to move the cube from development to Integration to Production do I have to recreate the dimension tables and the Cube or can I just move the Metadata which I have in Access to the Correct folder in INt and devlopment and incase I use Sql Server Can I have the table moved the same way . What would be the best process .
With both servers registered in Analysis Manager you can Copy and Paste the cube (that’ll take care of all the metadata for you – don’t touch it manually/under the covers). As for the dimension tables, have you got a separate Data Warehouse database (in SQL Server or other) for each environment? If so, you just need to re-point the data source for the newly pasted cube, by editing the data source connection. Annoyingly you can change the server in the DSN editor but not the name of the DSN so you have to put up with the 2 not matching. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB