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Moving disk between SQL cluster nodes (a/a)

Hello everyone, we have to move disk owned by second (and not used) instance of SQL (active/active configuration, database serviced by node one) to resources used by first instance. After disk move, second instance will not have any disk resource. It will be ok leaving second instance of SQL without any disk resources ? Thanks for any advice.

Yes. One node can be the owner of all instances and their shared disks. When you move the sql instance currently on node 2 to node 1 then its disks (and other resources) will be moved as well.
Thx Argyle,
In Your opinion should we also unistall second instance of SQL after move of disk resources (It’s not used right now). I’m afraid that second instance devoided of disk resources will work unstabille and will also affect to first SQL instance.
I would recommend removing the unused instance of SQL Server first, then move the disk resource. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
The same recommendations received form Microsoft support (remove unused instance) but unofficially they said that disable sql services, delete dependencies and move resource to second instance will be enought. We moved without removing of second instance.