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MSDTC is not added to resource group

I need to set up MSDTC for my majority node set cluster.I am running comclust.exe command at a command prompt, But this commands just open up the cluster administrator GUI
and MSDTC is not added to resource group.
Is there is any other way to bring MSDTC to resource group
My enviorment is Windows 2003
I found a way to do this as described in KB article Now I followed these steps but got stucked on adding physical disk resource to MSDTC group.
The wizard is not detecting any physical disk.
Any ideas whats wrong
Have you used proper privileged account when installing? Satya SKJ
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no rights for the sake of knowledge sharing.
Make sure, that resource group, where you are trying to add MSDTC resourse, have a separate physical disk vidas