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MSDTC on the Cluster

I’m lost and quite new with Clustering…
We’re trying to setup MSDTC on a Cluster. I can now see the MSDTC as one of the resources. Our Network Admin followed this guide from MS:;en-us;301600 Do I need to start or turn on the "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" under "Services" before installing the SQL Server 2000 Clustering? Is it OK to have the DTC disabled in the "Services"? What is the difference between the DTC running in "Services" and MSDTC on a Cluster. Can I leave the DTC in the "Services" disabled forever and just bring the MSDTC online and offline through the Cluster Administrator Resources. Thanks,
Jon M
Do a search on my site for "Cluster". Should return 69 hits. The majority being links to the MS knowledgebase. Might be some useful among them. ———————–

The MS DTC service coordinates the proper completion of the distributed transaction to ensure that either all of the updates on all the servers are made permanent, or, in the case of errors, all erased. Refer to this page for tips. Satya SKJ
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Hi ya,<br /><br />DTC and MSDTC are the same thing, so you can disable the service but the clustering service will set it back to manual when you bring the resource on line (so might as well put it on manual and leave it there <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /> )<br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan<br />