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MSDTC version conflict

Hi All Please help me…
I am having one active/pasive Database cluster in which OS clustering is done and after that the SQL clustering is done, but before sql clustering the MSDTC has not been configured. Now I have configured the MSDTC in node2 through comclust.exe. After this I have configured the same in node1 also. But the MSDTC version in both the nodes it is showing different.In node1 it is showing .3504 and in node2 it is .3511. One important thing is that our Aplication server has the MSDTC of verstion .3511 also. As we are having vesion difference in our app server, DB server we are not able lunch some COM+ components in our application. Please help me as this is our production server and we are already in 4 days outage already. Regards
Ranjan Rashmi Sahoo
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Have you restarted both nodes and checked versions after that? If the SQL Service was running during comclust it might have locked some files. Try reinstalling MSDTC in the cluster without having SQL online.;en-us;294209