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Multiple applications on cluster

Today we have a cluster runnin on one node SQL Server 2K and on the other node Oracle.
We have to face a problem now and decide where to put Lotus Notes and the entire File System.
We have 2 possibility, one is to put these 2 new virtual server and applications on the cluster, the other one is to buy another cluster.
Regardless of the financial aspect of the problem I am searching for articles, Microsoft notes,IBM notes or guru’s advises that can show some good point and some bad points of these 2 possibility.
In my opinion I would like to leave SQL Server alone on one Server and Oracle on the other node, buy another cluster and put Lotus Notes on one node and File system on the second node. Can you please help me with this problem?
Thank you very much and kind regards. Franco
Hello Franco,
I am kind of curious how did you set up Oracle to run on the second node and whether you tested what exactly happens during failover. Did you copy the settings (ORADIM,etc) to the first node, have installed Oracle on the first node as well ,etc.
As for Notes and File system question – how important to you is the performance of existing SQL and Oracle databases? If it is somewhat important I would not put them on the same cluster.. Also, why do you want to cluster File server and/on Notes? Are these really the services that need instant availability/automatic failover clustering provides? Does the irritation of somebody who can not get to their storage for X minutes/hours while Operations team is restoring the backup from team really worth the added expences in buying, setting up and maintaining a cluster? simas

Hallo simas, well, to install Oracle on Cluster definitely you need to install it on both nodes,then you have a tool, call FailSafe Manager, that you use to configure the cluster resources,Ip address, Network name, Services,…It’s quite simple to do it and when you have properly configured all the resources, failover takes places very very well.
We are a public administration, so yes we need to have high availability, that is why we already have a cluster solution that works very good.
My question was only related to the co-existence on the same cluster and on the same SAN of these 4 critical resources (oracel,SQL,Notes,FS).
It’s always better to seperate the different functions on different servers so that if one fail or take all RAM or CPU it doesn’t impact the others. If high availiblity is the goal then putting 4 different applications on the same cluster is not the way to go in my opinion.
Thank you Franco . I would second Argyle opinion – if you have resources to separate the application out , do it to minimize the impact they would have on each other, the less overlapp you have the easier is the troubleshooting and maintenance. On the other side is additional cost for hardware and licenses (for OS). Simeon