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Multiple SQL Servers

I already have an SQL Server Failover Cluster. This cluster is already overloaded. I need to add a new SQL Server Failover cluster. The current hardware does not allow me to add this new SQL Server Failover Cluster to the existing Cluster. I am running a web application and other processing applications that need to access these SQL Servers. So basically it is the same app.
What I have decided is that the new SQL Server will store the data for new Country applications.
I do not want to modify the current app.
Can I get the first SQL Server Cluster to reconise the New SQL Server Cluster and will the Select and Insert statements know which SQL Server Cluster to point to for execution. There is also a need to query insert and update across both the Clusters.
Each cluster will work independently. The only way to get them to "work" together is to write code. If you don’t want to write any code, one option would be to upgrade to much larger hardware for your cluster, and to also tune your application to reduce the load of the application on your server. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP