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MultiSelect Parameter

Hi, I need to pass a MultiSelect parameter to a query as below for (@multiList
select * from table where col IN (@multiList) So the user can be provided a lookup where he can chose multiple value (Like a List Box of VB)
and these values are passed to the above dataset query to show results from … In general the parameter values come in a combo and become a Single Select Value. . .. . .
How can this be done ??
Just been on the MOC 2030 and we were told the only way to pass multiple parameters is by using text boxes and multiple strings e.g. Jan, Feb. Not ideal and apparently something that will be addressed in the next release. hth
there’s something on…..…mpleGuid=2E882C0A-8D2B-4EAD-81BE-8E66C0941A18
least cryptic to say the least….