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NAS Device for Log Shipping?

We are pretty new to SQL Server since we are currently migrating Navision 3.x C/Side to Navision 4.x SQL. A couple of weeks ago we learned, that there is something called Log Shipping in our SQL Enterprise Edition, while the system house handling this whole migration project still tried to sell us a tape streamer … Ok – we configured Log Shipping and it worked – perfect. If one has no Cluster and a migration to SQL 2005 is still a year ahead (for Navision) this is a perfect solution with high availability. We´ve got:
A Main Server – a Standby Server – a NAS Device with MS Storage Server 2003 While the Main Server stores the TRN Files to the NAS the Standby reads them from there. Everthing was perfect and running for about a week, when suddenly the TRN files could not be created anymore with the first log shipping after a full backup. Within the Sql Server protocoll we found hundreds (due to 2 minute schedule) of these error entries: Internal I/O request 0x75230C10: Op: Write, pBuffer: 0x08BA0000, Size: 983040, Position: 787421696, RetryCount: 10, UMS: Internal: 0x75230DF0, InternalHigh: 0x0, Offset: 0x2EEF1A00, OffsetHigh: 0x0, m_buf: 0x08BA0000, m_len: 983040, m_actualBytes: 0, m_errcode: 1450, BackupFile: \MBNAS02SqlBackupTRNBOSFOOD_tlog_200604120148.TRN After stopping the services and changing users a couple of times log shipiing suddently started to work again, and resynchronized perfectly. I´m not looking for an explanation of those errors but for the experiences of other SQL users with NAS devices.
Are there any know problems in general?
Do NAS devices need a special configuration for SQL Server (as I was told)
Is there any better solution than a NAS, or is it, that I just bought some bad Hardware ? Thanks in advance Pidi

KBA;en-us;304261&sd=tech for relevant information fro SQL on NAS. We never had such problem in our environment and if you’re getting such errors I would suggest to get the vendor and certify the hardware for better purpose. On the log shipping side try to change the interval in order to cope up the file transfer/copy proces.s Satya SKJ
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Thanks for the answer …
It does work fine in general with a proper device – that´s all I wanted to know. Any recommendations where I could have a look for Sql Server certified devices? Pidi