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Need Help to Design the Class for Sql Server DB

I am using SQL Server 2000 as a database for my application.This db contains near about 1500 tables. As per my previous method I will create a separate Stored procedure for insert, update and delete. If I do same then the Database objects are increased wich effects to the performance of my application.
Is there any easiest way so that using the same class I can insert a record into a table, update a record and delete a record for any table with any definition or structure.
Or any new concept to handle such condtions. If you have any ideas then that will appreciated.
send reply at [email protected] Nilesh
Does the application handle all 1500 tables? Should this be a single database to begin with? Or could the normalization be in need of a big overhaul?
Your generic approach is useful in OO programming, but not in databases. You would be forced to use dynamic sql, which has several more or less severe disadvantages. You might want to read for the downside of your approach. I’d rather have thousands of small procedures than one generic one. In case you are too lazy to type each an every single one, you can easily build a procedure that will generate the procedure body for you to fill with life. That is where I would use dynamic sql. For administrative purposes it comes in handy.