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Network latency and retry attempts

I’m experiencing some network latency which sometimes causes my replication to fail. (timeout – was retried 10 times) I would like to increase the number of retries to maybe buy me some more time. Is this the right way? Goto publisher/agent properties/adavanced
then change retry attempts
Do I have to stop syncrosizing and then restart to pick up change?? Thanks
I have a Pull Subscription from a Transactional Replication. Normally, I would go to the Pull Subscription properties and from the Synchronization tab I will click on the Distribution Agent Properties button. Try increasing the QueryTimeout value in the Distribution Agent properties by adding
"-QueryTimeout {no. of seconds}". Jon M
Yes, you need to restart the agent to take effect ….
You can add another schedule to the underlying distribution agent to job to run every 10 minutes so that you don’t need to start manually every time when it fails..
Read the following article…
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