New Database Backup Options in SQL Server 2014

Backup options are changing with every release of SQL Server. With SQL Server 2014, several important backup features have beenintroduced.

First, the options are divided into two options called Media, Backup.


Under General, there is a new media type called URL. This option is to store the backup directly to cloud services.

After providing the file name, SQL credential need to be provided. You can either specify an existing SQL Server Credential or you have the option of creating a new credential by clicking the Create… button. 

Azure storage container is the name of the Azure storage container.

The URL prefix will be auto generated from the data you are entering from the above fields so you don’t need to modify them.

When URL option is selected, several Media Options will get disabled.

Backup Options

Encryption was a feature that was lacking in SQL Server for many years. Wncryption is now included with SQL Server 2014.

To encrypt during backup, you must specify an encryption algorithm, and an encryptor to secure the encryption key.

The supported encryption algorithms are: AES 128, AES 192, AES 256, and Triple DES and A encryptor can a certificate or asymmetric Key.

Similarly, restoring options and Maintainance task also have modified to accommodate above changes.


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